Rhino premier transport Clients

Rhino-Premier have been delivering to our events for the past few months. Not only are they 100% reliable and historically early for collection, their level of customer service and professionalism sets them apart from other companies used before. Always prioritizing safe and careful delivery of our equipment, their vans are of superior quality. Godwin has an effortlessly calm demeanor and can foresee any potential pressure reinforcing confidence in his service. His smart presentation matches the level professionalism we aim to provide our clients. Good humored and flexible to work with, Godwin is prepared to go that extra mile.  One suggestion? Get more vans! Having to use another company when Rhino were not available two weeks ago really highlighted the caliber we we’d come to rely on that compliments our company’s image. Thanks guys, whether it’s daytime or at night the service you provide is always A Class.  Emma Darling, Company Director, Mirror Scene Ltd.
“As a business owner it’s imperative to provide a great service and working with companies that you trust enables that to happen. I have used Rhino Premier for the last few years and haven’t been let down in that time. Totally recommend their service to any business.” Somora Rattray Hare, Flower Love London, Florist

“Rhino Premier is a well chosen name for this courier company. Rhino because of the determination that was needed for this difficult job and Premier because of the delicacy and diplomacy that was employed to get it done. Many thanks.” Madeleine Ross, Art Engineer